VyprVPN Review

Our Verdict

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


Ranked #12 out of 65 VPNs

Discover the reliability of VyprVPN, a top-tier VPN scoring an impressive 8.5/10 on our rigorous evaluation scale. Renowned for its exceptional speed, robust encryption, and an extensive network of self-owned servers, VyprVPN stands out as a secure choice for safeguarding your online activities. Boasting a strict zero-logs privacy policy, it ensures a trustworthy environment suitable for torrenting. However, it falls short in unblocking various streaming services and lacks a crucial kill switch feature on iOS. While VyprVPN offers a commendable overall performance, its notable flaws raise questions about the justification for its relatively high price point.

VyprVPN Review Category Ratings

Streaming 8.2/10
Privacy & Logging 8.3/10
Server Locations 8.9/10
Security & Features 7.8/10
Customer Support 8.9/10
Torrenting 7.4/10
Speed 9.6/10
Bypassing Censorship 7.2/10
Ease of Use 9.0/10
Price & Value 6.0/10
VyprVPN Category Ratings

In our thorough examination of VyprVPN, the US-based service consistently demonstrated its commitment to security and privacy. Boasting an impressive arsenal of over 300,000 private VPN IP addresses and a network comprising exclusively self-owned VPN servers, VyprVPN ensures a robust and private online experience.

Our comprehensive in-house leak tests affirmed the VPN’s resilience, confirming the absence of IP or DNS address leaks. With an array of advanced features, VyprVPN adds an extra layer of security for users. The ownership of all 700+ VPN servers further minimizes the risk of data leaks, instilling confidence in the service’s reliability.

However, VyprVPN faced challenges in the realm of streaming, a notable point of consideration given its premium pricing. The absence of a kill switch on iOS and the inability to unblock websites in China were identified as performance shortcomings during our testing.

A further setback was the recent discontinuation of VyprVPN’s native router app, previously a significant selling point. This app, once a standout feature, was unique among VPNs and contributed to VyprVPN’s appeal as a cost-effective choice.

For a detailed breakdown of our test results, refer to the table below. Additionally, continue reading to compare VyprVPN with other leading VPNs in this comprehensive review.

Who Should Get VyprVPN?

Choose NordVPN if:

  • You seek a VPN with extensive server coverage across the US, Europe, and Asia, boasting 300,000 IP addresses in 64 countries.
  • Ownership of the VPN server network is a priority for you; VyprVPN takes pride in owning and operating 700+ physical servers.
  • Simultaneous Connections Matter: VyprVPN allows up to 30 connections simultaneously, making it suitable for the entire household.
  • Avoid NordVPN if:
  • Streaming Priority: If unblocking US Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu is crucial, alternative VPNs may offer more effective solutions for popular streaming services.
  • Censorship Concerns: In regions with online censorship, VyprVPN’s obfuscation technology may not reliably unblock websites, particularly in China.
  • Platform-Specific Needs: For users on Linux or iOS, VyprVPN might not be the ideal choice. Its Linux CLI is considered difficult to use, and the iOS app lacks a kill switch feature.

VyprVPN Key Data

Data Cap
Download Speed
Logging Policy
No Logs
Data Leaks
US (Five Eyes Member)
IP Addresses
Countries with Servers
US Netflix
Simultaneous Connections
Works In China
24/7 Live Chat
Cheapest Price
$5.00/mo over 12 months
Money-Back Guarantee
30-day Money-Back Guarantee


Streams BBC iPlayer, Yet Falls Short on Unlocking Netflix Regions

Rating 8.2/10

VyprVPN falls short in the realm of streaming excellence. While it successfully unlocks access to BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video, its effectiveness wanes when it comes to unblocking Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. Notably, the most glaring letdown is its inability to grant access to any Netflix libraries, making it a less-than-ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive streaming experience.

Ranked #21 out of 65 VPNs for Streaming

Here’s a list of streaming services that VyprVPN currently unblocks:

Streaming platforms
Works with VyprVPN
Amazon Prime Video
BBC iPlayer
Channel 4
Hotstar India
Netflix US

VyprVPN has undergone significant enhancements in its streaming capabilities over the past few years. What was once a limitation has transformed, and it can now successfully unlock access to numerous major streaming platforms—a feat that was unattainable just two years ago, For an exceptional streaming experience, we recommend opting for either ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

In-depth Testing Reveals VyprVPN's Incompatibility with Netflix

VyprVPN falls short in unblocking any Netflix libraries, showcasing a notable deficiency in comparison to its competitors such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Both of the latter successfully unlock access to at least 10 different Netflix libraries, highlighting VyprVPN’s subpar performance in this aspect.

Netflix detected VyprVPN and denied us access to the platform.
Netflix detected VyprVPN and denied us access to the platform.

Having said that, our ExpressVPN and NordVPN detail how both VPNs are more effective at bypassing Netflix geo-blocks around the world.

VyprVPN Unblocks BBC iPlayer

In the past, streaming BBC iPlayer posed challenges with VyprVPN. Nevertheless, the latest applications are currently performing effectively for this purpose.

VyprVPN successfully circumvents BBC iPlayer blocks.
VyprVPN successfully circumvents BBC iPlayer blocks.

For the time being, we can safely say that PIA now consistently works with all UK streaming services, including ITVX and Channel 4.

VyprVPN Falls Short in Streaming Disney+, Hulu, or HBO

VyprVPN fails to unblock Hulu, HBO Max, or Disney+. However, we have successfully streamed DAZN and Amazon Prime Video using this VPN.

Hulu detected VyprVPN and prevented us from logging in.
Hulu detected VyprVPN and prevented us from logging in.

Vyprvpn's Streaming Performance Against Other Best VPNs

The following table provides a comparative analysis of Private Internet Access in relation to other top-rated streaming VPNs. The assessment is based on its accessibility to Netflix and BBC iPlayer, as well as the availability of streaming with Smart DNS:

VPN Service Streaming Rating No. of Netflix Libraries US Netflix BBC iPlayer Smart DNS





P2P Allowed on All Servers

Rating 7.4/10

VyprVPN proves to be a reliable choice for torrenting enthusiasts, permitting torrenting and P2P activities across all its VPN servers. While its download speeds may lag behind some competitors, peaking at 5.6 MiB/s, it compensates with a crucial security feature – a kill switch. Notably, it lacks port forwarding capabilities.

Ranked #24 out of 65 VPNs for Torrenting

Here’s a quick summary of showing how VyprVPN performed in our torrenting tests:

Torrenting Attribute
Average Download Bitrate
No. of P2P Servers
Logging Policy
No Logs
Kill Switch
Port Forwarding

VyprVPN boasts notable features such as a kill switch and first-party VPN servers, ensuring the safeguarding of your real IP address while engaging in file-sharing on both Windows and macOS platforms.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that VyprVPN’s speeds may not be the fastest, and the absence of port forwarding support is a notable limitation. For avid torrenters seeking an even more tailored experience for P2P activity, alternatives like Private Internet Access might be a preferable choice.

We tested VyprVPN on qBittorrent.

Golden Frog has made substantial improvements to its privacy policy, though the copyright policy remains largely unchanged. There appears to be a potential conflict between the two policies, as the Copyright Policy outlines procedures for handling copyright infringement claims. It includes steps such as removing or disabling access to identified content, notifying the subscriber, and terminating repeat infringers.

However, VyprVPN, being a strict no-logs VPN, poses a challenge in identifying users infringing on copyrights since it doesn’t log crucial data like real IP addresses, newly assigned IP addresses, DNS requests, timestamps, or bandwidth usage. Despite this, there was a singular incident in 2022 where a user using VyprVPN was flagged for DMCA violations. It was discovered that the user hadn’t configured VyprVPN and qBittorrent properly.

In summary, while VyprVPN’s privacy measures are robust, there is a potential risk of receiving a DMCA notice if the app is not configured correctly. For frequent torrenters, exploring alternative VPNs specifically designed for torrenting may be advisable.


Negligible Speed Reduction on Local Connections

Rating 9.6/10

VyprVPN ranks as the seventh-fastest VPN according to our latest speed tests. With a 100Mbps baseline connection, we observed speeds reaching up to 96Mbps on local connections to the West Coast and Canada. However, it’s worth noting that VyprVPN’s international speeds fall behind those of Hotspot Shield and IPVanish.

Ranked #8 out of 65 VPNs for Speed

During our speed evaluations, we established connections to VyprVPN servers across five different continents. Typically, we conduct tests spanning six continents, but it’s noteworthy that VyprVPN lacks a server in South Africa. These assessments were performed using a 100Mbps internet connection, designed to simulate a baseline speed comparable to what one might have at home.

Here’s a table showing VyprVPN’s speed test results:

No VPN (New York) US (New York) Canada (Toronto) US (Los Angeles) UK (London) Germany (Berlin) Brazil (São Paulo) Japan (Tokyo) South Africa (Johannesburg) Australia (Sydney)
Server Location
Download Speed
Upload Speed

VyprVPN consistently delivers impressive speeds, exhibiting a minimal speed loss of merely 4%. With a stable internet connection, users can anticipate a seamless experience without significant speed issues.

Addressing a historical weakness in global speeds, VyprVPN has markedly improved. Across connections spanning various continents, we recorded speeds consistently surpassing 76Mbps. The most notable speed loss occurred when connecting to Australia, a result expected due to the server’s considerable distance.

To contextualize its performance, the table below illustrates how VyprVPN’s local speeds compare to other top-tier VPNs:

As depicted in the chart above, VyprVPN demonstrates remarkable performance, standing strong against the fastest VPNs on U.S. connections. It positions itself as one of the market’s speediest VPNs, rendering it dependable for activities such as streaming, torrenting, and casual browsing.

However, for users prioritizing exceptionally fast long-distance speeds, it’s worth noting that there are VPN options available that may outpace VyprVPN in this specific aspect.

Optimal Gaming Experience with Low Ping (Limited to Nearby Servers)

Local ping times of  7ms are acceptable for gaming, but fall short of earning VyprVPN a top-rated status for online gaming.

We were able to play Fortnite lag-free with VyprVPN, but we had to use a local server.

We do not recommend utilizing VyprVPN for gaming on long-distance connections. Our tests revealed an average ping time of 128ms on international connections and 76ms when connecting to the UK.

Price & Value

VyprVPN Price

Rating 6.0/10

VyprVPN is positioned as a relatively expensive VPN, with the most favorable pricing at $5.00 per month on an annual subscription, totaling $60.00 upfront. While a notable improvement from its previous annual subscription cost of $100.00, there are still alternative VPNs in the market that offer better and more cost-effective pricing options.

Ranked #28 out of 65 VPNs for Price & Value

VyprVPN has streamlined its subscription options, currently offering only monthly and annual plans. While the yearly subscription is competitively priced, aligning with the rates of NordVPN and Proton VPN, it remains positioned as a VPN with a relatively higher cost.

Given its pricing, users would anticipate VyprVPN to consistently unblock US Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming platforms, coupled with fast speeds and a kill switch available across all platforms.

To maximize benefits, it’s advisable to purchase a subscription directly through the VyprVPN website on desktop, where users can enjoy the advantage of up to 30 simultaneous connections.

You can see all of VyprVPN’s pricing plans here:


Billed $10.00 each month

12 Months
Save 50%
Billed $60.00 each year
Save 50%

VyprVPN Free Trial

VyprVPN provides a 3-day free trial specifically for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee across all devices, allowing ample time for users to thoroughly test the service before making a commitment.

In the event of dissatisfaction, it’s essential to remember to cancel before the 30-day period concludes to avail of the money-back guarantee.

Payment & Refund Options

Here’s the payment methods that VyprVPN accepts:

VyprVPN supports various payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and UnionPay. However, it does not accept any forms of cryptocurrency, and its international payment options are relatively limited compared to other leading VPNs.

The absence of anonymous payment methods is notable, and it would be desirable for VyprVPN to consider adopting such options. Notably, some VPN providers, like TunnelBear, even accept cash for enhanced anonymity.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

VyprVPN does not offer a free version, but users can avail a seven-day free trial by creating their account through the App Store or Google Play.

If the account is created via the website, VyprVPN provides a more extended 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. To cancel your subscription within the initial 30 days, you can initiate the process by opening a ticket with the VyprVPN support team and requesting a full refund.

Privacy & Logging Policy

Verified as a No-Logs VPN Service

Rating 8.3/10

VyprVPN is a VPN service that has been verified through an independent audit to operate a strict no-logging policy. The service does not log your IP address, browsing activity, or connection timestamps . However, it is important to note that due to a recent change in ownership, the service is now based in the US, which is known for its privacy-unfriendly jurisdiction .

Ranked #20 out of 65 VPNs for Privacy & Logging Policy

Discover the unparalleled security of VyprVPN, a virtual private network that stands out for its commitment to privacy. Unlike other VPNs, VyprVPN doesn’t gather any data related to your public IP address, VPN IP address, timestamps, or DNS queries. What sets VyprVPN apart is its exclusive use of self-hosted and internally operated VPN servers, eliminating the risk of third-party interference in logging practices. Opt for VyprVPN and experience a level of privacy and control that goes beyond conventional VPN services.

Here’s a table listing exactly what VyprVPN logs and does not log:

Data Type
Logged by VyprVPN
Account Information
Browsing Activity
Date of Last Connection
Device Information
DNS Queries
Individual Bandwidth Usage
Individual Connection Timestamps
Number of Simultaneous Connections
Originating IP Address
VPN Server IP
VPN Server Location

In the realm of online privacy, VyprVPN takes a transparent approach by acknowledging the collection of essential information like email address, username, password, and payment details for non-anonymous transactions. It’s important to note that this practice is standard among most VPN providers to ensure seamless service delivery.

A pivotal aspect of VyprVPN’s commitment is its declaration as “network neutral,” affirming a hands-off stance towards real-time traffic analysis and content blocking. This unique feature allows users unrestricted access to torrent on any server, adding a layer of flexibility to your online experience.

Furthermore, VyprVPN’s dedication to user anonymity is highlighted by its refusal to log IP addresses or connection times. This strategic choice not only protects user privacy but also makes it practically impossible for third parties to trace an IP back to an individual, even under legal circumstances. As we delve deeper into this review, we will explore these aspects in greater detail, particularly their implications for file-sharing enthusiasts.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE: Optimal VyprVPN Experience on Android – Enhance Privacy by Denying Location and WiFi Permissions. Safeguard Your Data with Informed Choices; These Permissions Are Exclusively Tied to VyprVPN’s Public WiFi Capability and Are Non-Essential for App Functionality.

Past logging practices

In the past, VyprVPN’s data retention policy exceeded what we deemed acceptable. However, since 2019, significant improvements have been made, addressing our concerns. We now confidently endorse VyprVPN as a reliable private service. Previously, it retained your authentic IP address, newly assigned IP address, timestamps, and bandwidth usage data for a 30-day period.

Logging policy audit

VyprVPN has undergone a noteworthy transformation in its approach to user data. Pioneering accountability, it became one of the early VPNs to initiate an independent audit of its logging policy in 2018. While the audit initially identified concerns in the handling of personally identifiable information, VyprVPN promptly implemented corrective measures.

Looking ahead, we advocate for a renewed external audit in 2024 to ensure ongoing transparency and adherence to privacy standards.

Who Owns VyprVPN?

In April 2023, Certida, a Texas-based company, acquired VyprVPN, a move that significantly altered the VPN’s legal jurisdiction from Switzerland to the US, a member of the Five-Eyes alliance. Notably, VyprVPN did not proactively inform its users about this substantial change in ownership.

While the shift in jurisdiction raises concerns, VyprVPN asserts that privacy standards will be maintained through ongoing logging policy audits, the utilization of self-hosted servers, and other initiatives. Certida, responding to inquiries via email, assured that customers would experience no changes in the privacy protection afforded to them. However, only time will reveal whether VyprVPN continues to uphold its no-logs policy under the new ownership.

Server Locations

VyprVPN: 700+ Servers, 300,000 IP Addresses Strong

Rating 8.9/10

VyprVPN stands out with its robust network of 700+ exclusively self-owned bare-metal servers, a testament to its commitment to security and reliability. Boasting an extensive pool of 300,000 IP addresses—the largest among providers—VyprVPN offers this expansive coverage across 64 countries. While the offering is comprehensive, there’s room for improvement, particularly with the desire for increased server presence in South America and Africa.

Ranked #12 out of 65 VPNs for Server Locations






IP Addresses

Here’s a table showing VyprVPN’s server coverage across continents:

Number of Countries
South America
North America

VyprVPN’s remarkable offering of 300,000 IP addresses surpasses competitors like ExpressVPN with 3,000 IP addresses and NordVPN with 5,613 IP addresses by a significant margin.

While the selection of 700+ servers spanning 73 cities and 64 countries may be considered standard, it adequately meets the needs of most VPN users across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

However, the limitation in server locations within Africa, confined to just Algeria and Egypt, is a notable drawback. Despite being a common issue in the VPN industry, addressing this oversight could enhance the service’s appeal to a broader user base.

Limited City-Level Server Options with VyprVPN

The absence of city-level servers is a source of disappointment with VyprVPN, as such specific options are only available in two countries: the United States and Australia.

VyprVPN’s US servers are located in:

  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington D.C.

VyprVPN’s servers in Australia are strategically positioned in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, providing an excellent server spread for users in the region.


Interestingly, VyprVPN does not offer city-level choices in Canada. If this feature is crucial for your needs, we recommend exploring our list of top VPNs for Canada.

Security & Technical Features

Exceptional Security Standards, Yet Absence of Kill Switch on iOS

Rating 7.8/10

VyprVPN stands out as one of the most secure VPN services in our security assessments. Utilizing the industry-standard AES-256 cipher, it ensures robust encryption of internet connections. The inclusion of a functional kill switch, although absent on iOS, enhances overall security. VyprVPN further reinforces its safety measures through the use of first-party VPN servers and relies on trusted connection protocols such as OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Ranked #26 out of 65 VPNs for Security & Technical Features

Explore VyprVPN’s Array of VPN Protocols, Encryption Ciphers, and Advanced Technical Features in this Comprehensive Table

Available in VyprVPN
Available in VyprVPN
Available in VyprVPN
DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPv6 Leak Blocking
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
WebRTC Leak Blocking
Advanced Features
Available in VyprVPN
Ad Blocker
Dedicated IP
Double VPN
Smart DNS
Split Tunneling
Static IP
Tor over VPN Server
Tracker Blocker

VyprVPN ensures seamless security with the automatic implementation of the WireGuard protocol across all platforms, delivering a blend of speed, robust protection, and open-source reliability. In the past, VyprVPN utilized IKEv2 for mobile devices and OpenVPN for desktops by default.

Moreover, VyprVPN enhances your defense against unrequested incoming traffic with the inclusion of a NAT firewall when connected to their network.

It’s essential to note that not all VyprVPN applications share identical advanced security features. For example, the iOS app lacks a kill switch, and the PC client boasts a unique Public WiFi Protection option not found on Mac.

Distinct security attributes further differentiate the macOS and Windows apps, with the former offering split tunneling and a malware blocker, a feature absent from its Windows counterpart.

VyprVPN's Exclusive Ownership of its Complete VPN Server Network

VyprVPN distinguishes itself by maintaining sole ownership and control over its entire VPN server infrastructure. This unique approach, with minimal involvement of third parties, stands as a notable highlight in the realm of mid-tier VPN services, a rarity in the industry.

While VyprVPN’s ownership of its server network sets it apart from many providers, it falls short of the comprehensive control exercised by services like ExpressVPN and IPVanish, which extend their first-party DNS servers.

It’s important to note that, despite VyprVPN’s assertion of eliminating third-party involvement, the use of third-party DNS servers as endpoints persists, aligning with the common practice among various VPN providers.

Nevertheless, VyprVPN’s commitment to self-hosting servers represents a commendable stride toward privacy by design, mitigating security risks associated with renting VPN server resources.

Important Note: VyprDNS ensures the encryption of your DNS requests before transmitting them to third-party DNS servers and websites. This feature comes pre-enabled on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms.

Reliable Kill Switch Safeguards Against IP Address Leaks

VyprVPN includes a kill switch feature on Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV, though it is not available on iOS. In our thorough kill switch assessments, VyprVPN effectively averted the exposure of our actual IP address.

This functionality proved reliable even in instances of complete connection drops and server switches, such as transitioning from a server in France to one in Greece. VyprVPN consistently demonstrated its efficacy by promptly blocking internet traffic during these potential windows of IP exposure, ensuring robust security measures.

VyprVPN passed our kill switch test on macOS.

It’s important to note that if you intend to regain internet access without VyprVPN, remember to manually deactivate the VPN kill switch.

VyprVPN Successfully Clears IP Address, DNS, & WebRTC Leak Tests

VyprVPN emerges as leak-proof according to our rigorous IP and DNS leak tests. When connected to a VyprVPN server, our IP address consistently reflected German locations, ensuring that our true IP location remained confidential and secure throughout the testing process.

On macOS, VyprVPN successfully masked our IP address.

VyprDNS employs a DNS relay system designed to dissociate your DNS queries from VyprVPN, effectively concealing the use of a VPN from websites. During our tests of VyprDNS servers, the relay system revealed that the ultimate DNS server in the chain was associated with Amazon.

A partial leak test, showing Amazon DNS servers instead of VyprVPN’s.

As evident from the information above, the DNS servers do not display VyprVPN or its proprietors, Golden Frog and Certida. In clarification via email, VyprVPN explained that a DNS proxy is employed to route your DNS traffic before it reaches any public DNS servers, ensuring complete anonymization of your traffic.

While this approach does not achieve a complete end-to-end elimination of third parties, as VyprVPN appears to lease third-party DNS servers, it represents a significant stride toward achieving maximum privacy without triggering notifications to websites about VPN usage.

Secure AES-256 encryption

We utilized Wireshark, a packet-sniffing tool, to examine the encrypted traffic flowing through our VyprVPN connection.

A Wireshark scan while connected to VyprVPN showed all traffic was encrypted.

Our tests revealed that VyprVPN effectively encrypted web traffic. The indecipherable text captured in the screenshot above accurately represents what any potential hacker attempting to compromise your connection would encounter when you are using VyprVPN.

Technical Features We’d Like to See

In comparison to its competitors, VyprVPN lacks certain essential technical features. Here is a compilation of features that we recommend introducing:

  • VPN Kill Switch on iOS: Enhancing personal data protection in case of an unexpected VPN disconnection.

  • Ad Blocker: Introducing a feature to thwart annoying ads from appearing on web pages.

  • Smart DNS: Enabling the use of VyprVPN on a broader spectrum of devices.

  • Double VPN or Multi-Hop Servers: Enhancing security measures and aiding in circumventing online censorship.

  • Open-Source Software: Fostering transparency and allowing scrutiny of VyprVPN’s app security by making the software open-source.


Bypassing Web Censorship

VyprVPN’s Chameleon Protocol Sometimes Works in China

Rating 7.2/10

VyprVPN employs its exclusive Chameleon Protocol to overcome censorship challenges in heavily restricted nations like Russia and Turkey. While it doesn’t consistently unblock websites reliably in China, its efficacy may vary in other regions. The Chameleon Protocol is accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS platforms.

Ranked #21 out of 65 VPNs for Bypassing Web Censorship

VyprVPN, once reliable in China, has experienced increased inconsistency in recent times. Our China VPN tests indicate a mere 39% success rate over the past year. In contrast, Private Internet Access boasts a more robust 77% success rate, offering a cost-effective option at only $2.03 per month with its best-value subscription.

VyprVPN's Chameleon Protocol and Obfuscation Tools

VyprVPN has the capability to unblock websites in certain high-censorship countries, thanks to its Chameleon protocol.

You can find VyprVPN’s obfuscation protocol in Customize > Protocol.

Designed explicitly to circumvent aggressive censorship and VPN blocks in nations such as Turkey, China, and the UAE, VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol is now accessible on every VPN server. This protocol functions by encrypting the metadata of each OpenVPN packet, thwarting identification through Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

The obfuscation technology embedded within VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol ensures that the VPN remains undetectable by governments, ISPs, and other network administrators, including employers, schools, or universities. Despite the obfuscation, the protocol retains the unaltered OpenVPN protocol with established AES-256 encryption, ensuring that users can navigate censorship without compromising on security.

The most recent iteration, Chameleon 2.0, enhances compatibility across Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices, further solidifying VyprVPN’s commitment to effective and secure circumvention of online censorship.

Expert Advice: If you are traveling or relocating to China, we do not recommend depending solely on VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol. For more reliable options in bypassing censorship, PrivateVPN and ExpressVPN are considered much more dependable.

Device & OS Compatibility

Widely Available Apps, Lacking Smart DNS Feature

VyprVPN provides applications for Mac, iOS, PC, and Android devices. While it once featured a native router app, this was discontinued in 2023. Notably, there are no browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Although the absence of a Smart DNS feature is disappointing, the fully-featured app for Fire TV and Android TV receives positive feedback.

Supported on:

VyprVPN has native applications for the following devices:

VyprVPN is compatible with the most prevalent mobile and desktop devices, offering dedicated VPN applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

VyprVPN does not provide Smart DNS, making it more challenging to use with devices that lack support for native VPN applications.

VyprVPN boasts a robust native app for Fire TV Stick, catering to IPTV and Kodi enthusiasts, although it narrowly misses being considered among the best VPNs for Kodi. Additionally, it features an Android TV app, compatible with devices such as Xiaomi Mi Box, Sony Smart TVs, Nvidia Shield, or Razer Forge TV box. While this isn’t an exclusive offering, as other top-tier VPNs like ExpressVPN and Surfshark also provide Android TV apps.

For devices lacking support for native VPN apps, VyprVPN allows sideloading of its apk file into Android devices, expanding compatibility. However, if you aim to use VyprVPN with devices like PlayStation and Xbox that don’t support native VPN apps, we recommend opting for a VPN equipped with a Smart DNS tool.

Notably, VyprVPN discontinued its native Tomato router app in 2023, a setback considering its uniqueness as one of the two VPNs offering such an app. The discontinuation may be linked to VyprVPN’s change in ownership from Golden Frog to Certida.

Ease of Use

Streamlined and Intuitive App Design

Rating 9.0/10

VyprVPN’s applications exhibit consistent design and user-friendly interfaces across major platforms, ensuring a seamless experience when transitioning between them. Nevertheless, using VyprVPN on Linux can be challenging and frustrating.

Ranked #9 out of 65 VPNs for Ease of Use

VyprVPN places a strong emphasis on clarity across all its applications. The desktop apps are designed with simplicity and minimalism, making setup and usage exceptionally straightforward.

Selecting a server location is equally uncomplicated, with VyprVPN consolidating all advanced options in a single, easily understandable location. The platform provides clear explanations in plain language for any adjustments you may wish to make.

Across major platforms, users can efficiently search for specific servers, organize them by distance, and view the ping (ms) for each server.

This section will detail our experience using VyprVPN on various platforms, highlighting the distinctive features of each application.

Desktop & Laptop (Windows & Mac)

The desktop applications of VyprVPN are designed to be user-friendly and exhibit a nearly identical interface. However, it’s important to note that split tunneling is exclusively available on macOS. The functionality to customize settings and change servers is conveniently located in the bottom bar.

The home screen of VyprVPN’s Windows app (left) and macOS app (right).

VyprVPN adopts WireGuard as the default protocol on both platforms, known for its robust security. Additionally, users have the flexibility to opt for OpenVPN, IKEv2, or VyprVPN’s obfuscation protocol named Chameleon.

Within the customize tab, users can access a range of practical features. This includes simple toggles for functions such as public WiFi protection and a kill switch, as well as more intricate controls for DNS, VPN protocol, and TAP Adapter settings.

The Startup Options enable users to configure the application to launch or connect to a server automatically upon device startup. Notably on Windows, users have the ability to tailor notification preferences, offering a convenient feature.

It’s worth mentioning that some users on Windows 10 and 11 have reported experiencing higher-than-usual CPU strain when running VyprVPN. This may impact battery life and overall device performance over time.

Mobile (Android & iOS)

VyprVPN’s mobile applications for iOS and Android boast the same user-friendly and intuitive design found in their desktop counterparts. The app homepages share a consistent layout, featuring a bottom navigation bar. Additionally, it is noteworthy that both the iOS and Android apps seamlessly employ VyprDNS as the default setting.

VyprVPN’s Android (left) and iOS (right) apps look the same as their desktop counterparts.

While the Android app closely mirrors the feature set of the desktop versions, the iOS counterpart from VyprVPN appears more limited. Notably, it lacks essential features such as split tunneling and a crucial kill switch.

The Android app, however, only misses TAP adapter controls and a malicious site blocker compared to its desktop counterpart. VyprVPN also provides an .APK for direct sideloading onto your device.

It’s worth highlighting the positive aspect that WireGuard serves as the default protocol on mobile, and users have the flexibility to opt for the Chameleon protocol.

Fire TV & Android TV Apps

VyprVPN’s applications designed for streaming devices showcase a distinct user interface compared to their other available apps. This distinction is beneficial, acknowledging the contrast in user interaction methods between a TV remote and the more conventional touchscreen or mouse input.

VyprVPN’s Smart TV app.

The application has undergone further simplification, resulting in the absence of certain features. Notably, it incorporates WiFi protection for insecure networks and a kill switch, both commendable features. However, beyond these, there are no additional functionalities.

This limitation aligns with the common trend observed in VPN apps designed for streaming devices, which often prioritize simplicity.

Interestingly, the smart TV app from VyprVPN stands out by offering a choice between AES-128 and AES-256 encryption— a feature not found in other VyprVPN applications. While the AES-128 option is touted for potential speed advantages, it’s essential to note that AES-256 is considered the industry standard due to its higher level of security. Despite any potential speed benefits, it’s generally not recommended to opt for AES-128 over the more secure AES-256.

VyprVPN On Linux

We express our disappointment in VyprVPN’s absence of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Linux, opting instead for a less user-friendly Command Line Interface (CLI). The CLI approach lacks the intuitive visual elements found in a GUI, making the VyprVPN experience on Linux more complex and time-consuming.

In contrast, competitors such as Private Internet Access and ProtonVPN provide fully-featured Linux VPN apps with user-friendly interfaces, enhancing the simplicity and usability of their services on the Linux platform.

VyprVPN’s CLI is much less accessible than a full GUI.

Another drawback of VyprVPN on Linux is the lack of support for WireGuard, although it does offer compatibility with OpenVPN. Users have the option to install VyprVPN on Linux through an OpenVPN setup, providing an alternative protocol for securing their connections on the platform.

Customer Support

Friendly Live Chat & Useful Online Resources

Rating 8.9/10

While VyprVPN’s customer support may not be the absolute best, it is certainly satisfactory. The service excels in providing excellent online resources, featuring detailed guides, and offers round-the-clock live chat support. Additionally, VyprVPN distinguishes itself by providing more extensive assistance to international audiences compared to many other VPN services.

Ranked #11 out of 65 VPNs for Customer Support

You can get support from NordVPN in the following ways:

Customer Support
Available in VyprVPN
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Live Chat Support
Email Support via Online Form
Online Resources
Tutorial Videos

VyprVPN has online support resources in multiple languages:

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

In comparison to other leading VPN services, VyprVPN’s online resources are commendable. The service boasts an organized and user-friendly help center, complete with guides on setting up VyprVPN on various devices, FAQs, and instructions on managing account details.

However, it’s worth noting a point of disappointment: the absence of video tutorials, which could enhance the learning experience for users.

VyprVPN’s live chat is sometimes helpful, other times confusing.

The most effective means of seeking assistance from VyprVPN is through the 24/7 live chat. This option allows users to connect with a human representative promptly, and our experience indicates that waiting queues are generally short, rarely exceeding two people.

However, it’s important to note that the quality of responses from the live chat support can be inconsistent. Some responses appear scripted and can be confusing, leading to frustration in understanding the information provided in response to queries.

The Bottom Line

Is VyprVPN Worth It?

VyprVPN stands out as a highly efficient and secure VPN, excelling in fundamental aspects. Its first-party VPN server network distinguishes it from many mid-tier VPNs, marking a notable feature.

Despite its strengths, VyprVPN falls short of being classified among our top-tier VPNs. Key areas for improvement include the development of a kill switch on iOS and the necessity for another external audit in 2024. The last logging policy audit dates back six years, highlighting the need for a more current evaluation.

Regrettably, our inquiry about potential transparency reports or future external audits did not yield a response from VyprVPN’s team, suggesting a lack of plans for these privacy-centric initiatives.

Formerly recognized as the third-best VPN for routers due to its native Tomato router app, VyprVPN lost this unique selling point after discontinuing the app in 2023, rendering it less advantageous for users seeking a VPN solution for routers.

Our DNS server tests indicate the possibility of VyprVPN leasing third-party DNS servers instead of owning them outright, contrasting with other top-tier VPNs.

As detailed in this review, VyprVPN may not be the optimal choice for unblocking streaming services, and while its Chameleon protocol can bypass some online firewalls, it may not be advanced enough to effectively navigate through the Great Firewall of China.

Alternatives to VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a solid VPN service, but there are higher-quality alternatives available at a similar price point. ExpressVPN, for instance, boasts faster speeds and a broader capability to unblock various streaming platforms, including US Netflix and HBO Max.

ExpressVPN’s extensive VPN and DNS server network, all self-owned, contributes to its superior performance in bypassing online censorship. However, it’s important to note that ExpressVPN comes at a higher cost, reflecting its reputation as a more reliable and high-quality service.

NordVPN, on the other hand, distinguishes itself with more frequent audits of its open-source apps, providing transparency into its inner workings. With a comprehensive set of features, including a kill switch, access to US Netflix, and seamless integration with the Tor network, NordVPN is a robust choice for those seeking a VPN service with strong security and privacy features.

Comparison of the Best VPNs

The table below compares VyprVPN to other top VPN services.

ExpressVPN Review
NordVPN Review
PIA VPN Review
Surfshark Review
PrivateVPN Review
IPVanish Review
CyberGhost Review
atlasVPN Review
VyperVPN Review
PureVPN Review
Overall Rating
Download Speed
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Not work
Not work
Logging Policy
No Identifying Data
No Identifying Data
No Logs
No Identifying Data
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No Logs
No Identifying Data
Some User Logs
Countries with
Cheapest Price
$6.67/mo over 15 months
$3.29/mo over 2 years
$2.03/mo over 26 months
$2.21/mo over 2 years
$2.00/mo over 3 years
$2.49/mo over 2 years
$2.03/mo over 2 years
$1.99/mo over 3 years
$5.00/mo over 12 months
$1.99/mo over 27 months
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7 Days (Mobile Only)
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3 Days (Mobile Only)

 7 days

Browser Extensions
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Who's It Best for?
Worldwide streamers
Security-focused users
Bargain hunters
Android users looking
to spoof GPS data
Beginners on a budget
Fire TV & Kodi streamers
Users who need the same
anonymous IP address
perfect for beginners
fast and secure VPN that
covers the basics well
good for casual users looking
for a cheap service

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