CyberGhost VPN Review

Our Verdict

Overall Rating: 9.1/10


Ranked #7 out of 65 VPNs

CyberGhost stands out as a budget-friendly and reliable VPN, gaining popularity among travelers due to its expansive server network, impressive free trial, and robust Wi-Fi protection. This VPN effectively bypasses geo-restrictions on streaming platforms such as US Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. While it offers notable advantages, it’s essential to note some limitations, such as the absence of an OpenVPN option on Mac or iOS, incompatibility with use in China, and relatively slower torrenting speeds.

CyberGhost VPN Review Category Ratings
Streaming 9.7/10
Privacy & Logging 8.6/10
Server Locations 9.9/10
Security & Features 9.5/10
Customer Support 9.5/10
Torrenting 8.6/10
Speed 8.5/10
Bypassing Censorship 8.0/10
Ease of Use 9.5/10
Price & Value 9.4/10
CyberGhost VPN Pros & Cons

Discover CyberGhost, a secure, high-speed, and user-friendly VPN service that sets itself apart in the market. What makes CyberGhost unique is its offering of a free trial without the need for payment details, making it the sole top VPN with such a user-friendly approach.

Established in 2011 and headquartered in Romania, CyberGhost has been under the ownership of Kape Technologies since 2017, the same company responsible for popular VPNs like ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access.

In this comprehensive CyberGhost review, we delve into our firsthand research results covering crucial aspects such as speed, security, streaming service unblocking capabilities, and more. Our experts have rigorously tested CyberGhost against leading VPN competitors like NordVPN and surfshark VPN to provide you with insightful and comparative data.

Read on to quickly grasp the most important testing data, or use the provided links to navigate directly to the sections that matter most to you.

Who Should Get CyberGhost VPN?

Get CyberGhost if:

  • Global Connectivity: Opt for CyberGhost if you seek VPN servers worldwide. With thousands of servers across over a hundred locations, there’s almost certainly one where you need it.
  • Free Trial Enthusiasts: Choose CyberGhost if you want to experience a premium VPN through a genuine free trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee. This makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to test VPN software before committing to a subscription.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Select CyberGhost if you value round-the-clock customer support, available seven days a week. CyberGhost’s live chat assistance is among the best, and it’s offered in multiple languages.


Who should avoid CyberGhost VPN?

  • Frequent Torrenters: If torrenting is a significant part of your online activities, note that while CyberGhost supports it, it may be slower than some competitors, and P2P isn’t allowed in 15 of its 91 countries with servers.
  • Censored Regions: If you reside in a censored region, CyberGhost might not be the ideal choice. Our consistent testing has shown that it cannot be relied upon to work reliably in countries like China.
  • BBC iPlayer or HBO Max Enthusiasts: While CyberGhost excels as a streaming VPN overall, it may face challenges when it comes to unblocking BBC iPlayer and HBO Max.

CyberGhost VPN Key Data

Data Cap
Download Speed
Logging Policy
No Identifying Data
Data Leaks
Romania (EU Member)
IP Addresses
Countries with Servers
US Netflix
Simultaneous Connections
Works In China
24/7 Live Chat
Cheapest Price
$2.03/mo over 28 months
Free Trial
24 Hours (No Payment Info Required)
Money-Back Guarantee
45-day Money-Back Guarantee


Unblocks 13 Netflix Regions & More

Rating 9.7/10

CyberGhost effectively unlocks 13 Netflix libraries, along with providing seamless access to Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. While it collaborates successfully with BBC iPlayer and HBO Max, it’s worth noting that past access to these services has shown occasional inconsistencies. With the recent integration of Smart DNS functionality, CyberGhost solidifies its standing as an exceptional VPN for effortlessly navigating geo-blocked streaming sites. Elevate your streaming experience with CyberGhost, ensuring consistent and unrestricted access to a diverse range of content worldwide.

Ranked #4 out of 65 VPNs for Streaming

Here’s all of the popular streaming services we routinely test, and whether or not CyberGhost works to unblock them:

Streaming Platform
Works with CbberGhost VPN
Amazon Prime Video
BBC iPlayer
Channel 4
Hotstar India
Netflix US

Witness CyberGhost’s prowess as an exceptional VPN for streaming, showcasing unparalleled versatility in unblocking every tested streaming site. The user-friendly CyberGhost apps prominently feature dedicated servers tailored for specific content platforms, strategically changing IP addresses to overcome website blocks, particularly on platforms like Netflix.

Explore the tailored streaming experience with optimized servers in Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, and Poland. CyberGhost’s commitment to streaming excellence extends to dedicated servers explicitly designed for different regions.

CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost Streams 13 Netflix regions

In our comprehensive testing, CyberGhost emerges as a standout performer, consistently unblocking an impressive 13 Netflix libraries. This surpasses industry benchmarks, outshining even ExpressVPNs commendable 10 Netflix libraries. Although CyberGhost falls slightly behind VPNs like Windscribe and PrivateVPN, unlocking 32 and 14 Netflix regions, respectively, its capabilities remain noteworthy.

CyberGhost VPN Review


Excellent for UK Streaming

Notably, CyberGhost excels in UK streaming, ensuring reliable access to BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and ITVX from abroad. This reliability positions CyberGhost as a go-to choice for viewers outside the UK, offering uninterrupted access to events like the Rugby World Cup and other sporting spectacles.

Confronting BBC iPlayer’s stringent geo-blocks, CyberGhost stands resilient, overcoming challenges that many VPNs struggle with. Elevate your streaming experience with CyberGhost, the VPN that consistently delivers on its promise of seamless, unrestricted access to a myriad of content across the globe.


Slow Download Bitrate & 15 Regions that Don’t Allow P2P

Rating 8.6/10

CyberGhost stands out with P2P-optimized servers, a reliable kill switch, and a commendable logging policy, making it a secure option for torrenting. While it’s a safe choice, it falls short of being the best due to a somewhat sluggish average download bitrate, coupled with the absence of port-forwarding capabilities. Torrenting is generally permitted across most of CyberGhost’s network, with the exception of servers in 15 different countries where it is restricted. Explore secure torrenting with CyberGhost, offering a robust infrastructure but with considerations for optimal performance in mind.

Ranked #11 out of 65 VPNs for Torrenting

Here’s the most important data from our CyberGhost torrenting tests:

Torrenting Attribute
Average Download Bitrate
No. of P2P Servers
Logging Policy
No Identifying Data
Kill Switch
Port Forwarding

In our VPN torrenting tests we measured an average download bitrate of 3.9MiB/s when using CyberGhost, much slower than Astrill VPN’s 10.0MiB/s and IPVanish’s 9.9MiB/s.

CyberGhost Review

On the plus side, the VPN’s built-in IP and DNS leak protection worked well in our leak tests.

Finding the right server for torrenting is easy. Click on the “for downloading” tab and you’ll see a list of servers optimized for P2P traffic.

CyberGhost shows you every server’s load percentage. Choose the least congested one to maximize upload and download speeds.

CyberGhost Review

The kill switch is automatically enabled and cannot be deactivated on all platforms, so your true IP address will always be protected in the event of a sudden connection issue.

No P2P in 15 Different Countries

CyberGhost allows torrenting, and even encourages it, on the majority of its server network – but not all of it.

Torrenting with CyberGhost is not allowed while connected to the following countries:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Macau
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • North Macedonia
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia

Exciting news for torrent enthusiasts in Australia: CyberGhost has reversed its stance on torrenting after years of restriction. This policy shift is particularly significant for users in Oceania, although it’s important to note that New Zealand still experiences restrictions. A major victory for torrenters, this change opens up new possibilities for seamless torrenting experiences.

On the downside, CyberGhost remains heavily restricted in Africa and the Middle East. For users in West, Central, or Southern Africa, Kenya emerges as the closest option, albeit potentially over a thousand miles away. Similarly, for those in the Middle East, Georgia becomes the preferred choice, despite facing similar geographical challenges.

While this restriction isn’t insurmountable – users can connect to any server while torrenting – it’s crucial to consider that the farther the VPN server is from your actual location, the slower your torrents may transfer.

One noteworthy aspect is the absence of a port forwarding setting on CyberGhost, driven by privacy considerations. While VPN port forwarding isn’t a mandatory element for torrenting, it facilitates faster seeding (file uploads) and bypasses potential blocks from your router’s NAT Firewall.


No Port Forwarding

For a practical perspective, observe the download speed of a 20GB torrent file while using CyberGhost compared to other leading VPNs. Evaluate the impact of server distance on torrent transfer speeds and make an informed choice for an optimized torrenting experience.

VPN Service
Download Bitrate
Time To Download 20GB Torrent File
32 minutes
34 minutes
33 minutes
81 minutes


Fast, But Improvements Can Be Made

Rating 8.5/10

CyberGhost’s speeds are fast enough for almost any online activity. If you can connect to a server in the same country as the one you’re in then it’s almost as fast as any other top VPN. Unfortunately, that changes if you need to connect to a server farther away — speeds can be inconsistent and it often takes too long to connect to a server.

Ranked #38 out of 65 VPNs for Speed

To test CyberGhost’s speeds, we connected to CyberGhost servers in six different continents and measured our upload and download speeds before and after. We use a 100Mbps internet connection, similar to what might be your baseline speed at home.

Here’s a table showing CyberGhost’s speed test results when connected to a variety of servers around the world:

No VPN (New York) US (New York) Canada (Toronto) US (Los Angeles) UK (London) Germany (Berlin) Brazil (São Paulo) Japan (Tokyo) South Africa (Johannesburg) Australia (Sydney)
Server Location
Download Speed
Upload Speed

The local download speed loss of 6% is very good, and similar to other speedy rival VPNs like ExpressVPN and IPVanish.

You can compare CyberGhost’s speed performance to other top-tier VPNs in the bar chart below:

CyberGhost Review

As you can see, CyberGhost VPN is fast on local and long-distance connections, but it’s still lagging behind competitors, especially on long-distance speeds. Based on its overall speed performance, CyberGhost is currently ranked 31st in our speed rankings.

Good Ping Times Won’t Affect Online Gaming

CyberGhost’s ping times, at least when connected to a nearby server, are fine for lag-free online gaming.

CyberGhost keeps ping speeds low while connected to nearby servers – low enough to not impact twitchy shooters like CS:GO.

You’ll always have a certain amount of delay when communicating with an online game’s servers, and using a VPN will almost always add to it.

CyberGhost averaged a ping of just 6ms when connected to a server in the same city as us – anything under 50ms or so will be unnoticeable, even if you’re playing fast-paced games like CS:GO or Fortnite.


Price & Value

Excellent Value Plus a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Rating 9.4/10

CyberGhost offers great value for money, especially on long-term subscriptions. At $2.03 per month, it’s one of the best cheap VPNs available. Its free trials and 45-day refund period are some of the most generous on the market, and you can choose to pay with Bitcoin for added privacy.

Ranked #4 out of 65 VPNs for Price & Value

CyberGhost is a very affordable VPN, especially for its quality. It offers monthly, six-month, and two-year subscription plans. As usual, the longer plans come at a heavily-discounted price:



Billed $12.99 each month

6 Months

Billed $41.94 every 6 months

28 Months

Billed $56.94 the first 2 years and yearly thereafter

Grab CyberGhost at an unbeatable price of just $2.03 per month with a two-year subscription plan, inclusive of two additional months at no extra cost. Priced at an upfront payment of $56.94, this plan translates to an impressive 84% discount compared to the standard monthly rate.

This exceptional value positions CyberGhost as a standout choice among this year’s top affordable VPNs. While its monthly rolling price may appear steep in comparison to certain competitors, surpassing even well-regarded VPNs like NordVPN and IPVanish, the long-term subscription offers remarkable savings.

If you’re hesitant about committing to a CyberGhost long-term plan, leverage its money-back guarantee as a trial option. Explore the affordability and value-packed features of CyberGhost, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious users seeking a reliable VPN solution.

Payment & Refund Options

CyberGhost accepts payment via these methods:

This is a good range of payment options, similar to most leading VPN services.

Being able to pay with Bitcoin is an added bonus if you want an extra layer of anonymity.

CyberGhost technically accepts cash payments, too. However they are limited to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria where retailers like Amazon, MediaMarkt, and Saturn process cash transactions.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unlock peace of mind with CyberGhost’s impressive 45-day money-back guarantee, applicable to subscription plans lasting six months or more. For the one-month plan, a still generous 14-day refund window is in place.

Rest assured, refund requests are swiftly processed within five to 10 working days. The guarantee operates on a “no questions asked” policy, devoid of any hidden catches or restrictions.

It’s worth noting that if you make your CyberGhost purchase through the iOS store, the money-back process is facilitated directly through Apple. Embrace the freedom to explore CyberGhost’s features and benefits risk-free, backed by a robust and extended money-back guarantee.

the Best Free Trial Among Top VPNs

In a shift from its previous free version model, CyberGhost now provides an exceptional free trial experience, surpassing other top VPNs.

While there’s no longer a standalone free version, CyberGhost introduces a 24-hour free trial for desktops and laptops, a generous seven-day trial for iPhone or iPad users, and a practical three-day trial for Android devices.

What sets CyberGhost apart is its unique offering of a free trial that doesn’t necessitate any payment details. Notably, users can strategically leverage these trial periods, combining them with the VPN’s 45-day refund guarantee to enjoy over 50 days of CyberGhost usage for free.

These distinctive features solidify CyberGhost’s position as the premier VPN with the best free trial in 2023. Embrace the opportunity to explore CyberGhost’s capabilities risk-free, setting it apart as a user-friendly choice in the competitive VPN landscape.

Privacy & Logging Policy

CyberGhost Is Private & Safe

Rating 8.6/10

CyberGhost’s logging policy isn’t strictly zero-logs, but doesn’t collect anything that could identify you. All it logs is aggregated information about how many people are successfully connecting to CyberGhost servers – as proven by third-party audit. Quarterly transparency reports increase our trust in the service.

Ranked #19 out of 65 VPNs for Privacy & Logging Policy

Here’s a table outlining the information that CyberGhost does and does not log:

Data Type
Logged by CyberGhost VPN
Account Information
Browsing Activity
Date of Last Connection
Device Information
DNS Queries
Individual Bandwidth Usage
Individual Connection Timestamps
Number of Simultaneous Connections
Originating IP Address
VPN Server IP
VPN Server Location

As per CyberGhost’s privacy policy, the VPN exclusively logs anonymous connection data for statistical analysis.

This data is meticulously aggregated, anonymized, ensuring it remains untraceable to individual users.

Similar to numerous well-known VPNs, CyberGhost adheres to collecting aggregated connection logs. While the service prioritizes privacy, those seeking a VPN with an absolute zero-logs policy might find our Private Internet Access review insightful.

Crucially, CyberGhost VPN goes the extra mile by refraining from logging user web activity. Your actual IP address, the servers you accessed, and your web browsing history remain untouched by logging, reinforcing CyberGhost’s commitment to user privacy. Explore the VPN landscape confidently, knowing that CyberGhost strikes a balance between insightful analytics and preserving your online anonymity.

VPN Service Logging Policy Jurisdiction Independent Audit

No Identifying Data


No Identifying Data
No Identifying Data
No Logs
United States
No Identifying Data

CyberGhost’s Transparency Reports

CyberGhost publishes a quarterly transparency report listing the number of legal requests and DMCA complaints it receives. This used to be annual, which is already a rarity in the VPN industry, but in 2019 it increased the frequency.

The company also commissioned an independent audit on its security practices in 2012. The security audit came back clean.

Audits can never be 100% exhaustive, but we’re still reassured by the results.

We’ve been wanting to see an independent audit of CyberGhost’s logging practices since we began reviewing and monitoring the service, so we were pleased when, in 2022, CyberGhost commissioned an audit of its logging practices by Deloitte. If you’re a CyberGhost subscriber you can even read the whole thing in full. It confirmed:

Server configurations align with internal privacy policies and are not designed to identify users or pinpoint their activities

We applaud this level of transparency. However, CyberGhost also states:

Excerpts from the report cannot be shared with the audience, in order to ensure none of the audit results are taken out of context and misunderstood.

In the effort for 100% transparency, redactions like these worry us. But we remain convinced that CyberGhost is very private.

CyberGhost Is Based in Romania

Cyberghost is incorporated as CyberGhost S.A. in Bucharest, Romania.

Romania is in the EU, but it’s the only member state to have successfully said “no” to the EU’s aggressive Data Retention Directive that commits to the widespread collection of personal data.

Screenshot of the Constitutional Court of Romania’s (CCR) decision

In Romania, authorities may engage in the collection of citizens’ online data, but it’s crucial to note that this occurs within specific and legitimate circumstances, distinguishing it from the indiscriminate data collection practices observed in other member states.

To enhance user assurance, CyberGhost takes a proactive stance by refraining from collecting personal web logs, ensuring there is no internet data available for disclosure.


Crossrider Controversy

Launched in 2011 as a free VPN by German tech entrepreneur Robert Knapp, CyberGhost underwent a significant change in ownership when Crossrider Group acquired the VPN company in 2017.

Crossrider Group was actively involved in operating mobile ad platforms and a browser extension development platform. The latter allowed developers to craft cross-browser add-ons and monetize them through ad injection techniques.

One of these techniques involved bundling a ‘Crossrider’ adware PUP (potentially unwanted program) with other software. Post-installation, the PUP would subject users to unwanted advertisements via their web browsers.

Ad injection, besides being intrusive, carries potential security risks when misused. Some developers may have exploited Crossrider’s capabilities for malicious purposes, as highlighted in a screenshot from a Malwarebytes report on Crossrider PUPs:

Understanding the nuances of CyberGhost’s history and its association with Crossrider provides users with a comprehensive perspective on the VPN’s trajectory and potential concerns in the past.

Screenshot taken from Malwarebytes’ investigation into Crossrider

Kape’s Dedication to Privacy

Crossrider took the initiative to close its ad platforms in 2016, predating its acquisition of CyberGhost. In a subsequent rebranding move, the company transformed into Kape Technologies in 2018.

From 2017 onwards, Kape Technologies has been unwaveringly committed to global privacy and security initiatives. Beyond CyberGhost, Kape expanded its portfolio by acquiring renowned VPN services such as Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN.

Our observations lead us to believe that Kape has genuinely prioritized user privacy. We find no compelling reasons for you to harbor doubts about placing your trust in CyberGhost under Kape’s stewardship. Explore CyberGhost’s capabilities with confidence, backed by Kape’s dedicated efforts to safeguard user privacy on a global scale.

Server Locations

A Secure & Extensive Server Network

Rating 9.9/10

CyberGhost has servers in 90 countries, almost as many as ExpressVPN. It’s one of the largest VPN networks, with a mix of physically-located and virtual servers. Its NoSpy servers are handled by CyberGhost directly and provide an extra layer of privacy.

Ranked #1 out of 65 VPNs for Server Locations






IP Addresses

Currently, only Private Internet Access has more servers than CyberGhost. Here’s how CyberGhost’s server locations are distributed:

Number of Countries
South America
North America

There are 117 specific locations available across these 90 countries, giving you a great choice of server locations around the world.

As with many other VPN services, server coverage in Asia and Africa is limited. There are currently 24 CyberGhost servers in Asia, but only six in Africa.


CyberGhost’s City-Level Choices

You have a choice of servers in multiple cities in the following countries:

  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • US


  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy

The total number of servers in Australia recently increased to 150. The service also added new servers in New Zealand, with 13 in Auckland alone.

CyberGhost’s server list highlights which servers support P2P traffic, as well as which server locations are virtual or physical:

CyberGhost’s servers are neatly presented and can be filtered or searched for.

The desktop applications of CyberGhost provide a valuable feature – the display of server loads. This functionality aids users in identifying less congested servers, ensuring optimal performance. Remarkably, it’s a rarity to encounter server loads exceeding 50%, minimizing the likelihood of experiencing sluggish speeds due to congestion issues.

As of now, only 30 countries utilize virtual servers within CyberGhost’s extensive network, while the remaining servers are physical. This balance is noteworthy, considering the vastness of CyberGhost’s network. In our perspective, this mix is a reasonable trade-off to achieve a well-distributed server infrastructure worldwide, especially in regions often overlooked, such as the Middle East and Africa.


CyberGhost Offers a Variety of Server Types

Beyond the standard VPN servers, CyberGhost presents several other server types meticulously optimized for specific activities. This diverse range of server options enhances the user experience, catering to varied needs and ensuring an optimized performance tailored to different online activities.

  These server types include:
  • NoSpy
  • P2P Optimized
  • Static IP Address
  • Streaming Optimized
  • Token-based Dedicated IP

Enhanced Control with Static IP Addresses

Commonly, VPN applications allocate dynamic IP addresses, providing users with a different IP each time they connect. In contrast, a static IP address server ensures consistency, assigning the same IP each time you connect. While this can enhance access to geo-restricted content by presenting more regular traffic patterns, it’s important to note that using the same IP address introduces certain privacy considerations.


Privacy-Enhanced Dedicated IP Addresses

In response to the privacy concerns associated with static IP addresses, CyberGhost has introduced a token-based dedicated IP system.

Tailored for users seeking a consistent IP address, particularly for accessing IP-restricted networks, dedicated IPs also prove beneficial in circumventing potential IP bans or frequent Captchas triggered by other users’ behavior.

Upon redeeming a Dedicated IP token, CyberGhost remains unaware of its specific details, ensuring that your account is not linked to any particular IP address.

While these token-based dedicated IPs come with an additional cost, they offer heightened control and are exclusively available in select locations:

  • Canada (Montreal)
  • France (Paris)
  • Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt)
  • UK (London, Manchester)
  • US (Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York)
CyberGhost’s token-based dedicated IP feature preserves anonymity better than most rival services.

Elevated Performance with NoSpy Servers

Opting for NoSpy servers is an additional feature for users seeking an enhanced VPN experience. These servers, exclusively owned by CyberGhost, reside in a private data center located in Romania.

Distinguished by top-tier hardware, dedicated uplinks, and augmented bandwidth for superior speeds, CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers offer an elevated level of performance.


Exploring Virtual Server Locations

Within CyberGhost’s network, 60 server locations are marked as “physically located,” indicating that these servers are tangible machines situated in the country you are connecting to.

Conversely, the remaining server locations are virtual, where the server assigns the IP address of a specific country but is physically located elsewhere. While virtual server locations facilitate access to countries where obtaining a physical server might be challenging, it’s important to note that speeds can be impacted if the physical machine is considerably distant from your actual location. Consider the trade-offs and benefits as you explore CyberGhost’s array of server options.

CyberGhost is far more transparent about the nature of its servers than most VPNs.

We want to see CyberGhost to go one step further and disclose the real location of its virtual servers, like ExpressVPN does.


CyberGhost Doesn’t Own All Its Servers

While CyberGhost owns some of its servers, it also operates third-party ones, which is common among VPN companies.

A well-maintained self-owned server network can have great privacy benefits, as we cover in our IPVanish review.

Security & Technical Features

Cyberghost Offers Solid Privacy & Security Features

Rating 9.5/10

Cyberghost is a safe VPN service with strong security credentials, including trusted connection protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a range of leak protection tools. Its options aren’t quite as advanced as competitors like NordVPN, but it does a good job encrypting data and hiding your online activity.

Ranked #5 out of 65 VPNs for Security & Technical Features

In the table below, you can see which encryption ciphers, connection protocols, and additional security features CyberGhost uses:

Available in CyberGhost VPN
Available in CyberGhost VPN
Available in CyberGhost VPN
DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPv6 Leak Blocking
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
WebRTC Leak Blocking
Advanced Features
Available in CyberGhost VPN
Ad Blocker
Dedicated IP
Double VPN
Smart DNS
Split Tunneling
Static IP
Tor over VPN Server
Tracker Blocker

CyberGhost ensures effective masking of your IP address through well-established and reliable VPN protocols, bolstered by robust 256-bit encryption to safeguard your internet traffic.

The protective measures include a functional kill switch, along with IP and DNS leak protection, ensuring that your IP address remains concealed at all times. However, it’s worth noting that our kill switch testing revealed a limitation – CyberGhost’s kill switch may not fully protect your true IP address during server transitions. Exercise caution when switching servers, especially when handling sensitive data.


Robust VPN Protocols for Enhanced Security

CyberGhost’s applications utilize a trio of secure VPN protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. When opting for OpenVPN, you even have the flexibility to choose between TCP and UDP connections.

Comprehensive Security Arsenal

Beyond the fundamental IP leak protection, CyberGhost offers an extensive array of advanced security features within its standard subscription. This includes a malicious URL filter to combat malware, automated HTTPS redirection, an ad and tracker blocker, and the convenience of split tunneling.

All these privacy and security features are seamlessly integrated into the standard CyberGhost subscription, enhancing your online security without any additional costs. Explore the comprehensive security toolkit offered by CyberGhost to fortify your digital presence.

CyberGhost’s connection features.
CyberGhost has its most diverse selection of protocols on Windows.

The “force HTTPS” function in CyberGhost efficiently redirects insecure URLs to their secure HTTPS counterparts, making it a standout feature that distinguishes CyberGhost from many other VPNs.

On Windows and Android apps, CyberGhost presents the valuable split tunneling feature, allowing users to select specific applications for VPN connectivity. Notably, this feature is presently unavailable on CyberGhost’s macOS client.

While CyberGhost’s mobile and Mac applications maintain a secure environment, it’s essential to note that they offer fewer security features compared to the Windows client. Further details on these distinctions will be explored later in this comprehensive review. Explore the unique features and functionalities CyberGhost brings to different platforms, tailoring your VPN experience to your specific needs.0

Explore CyberGhost’s Additional Security and Privacy Features: A Brief Overview

Delve into the enhanced security and privacy tools offered by CyberGhost:

  1. Wi-Fi Protection: Empower yourself to designate trusted Wi-Fi networks for automatic connection.

  2. Ad Block: Leverage the robust built-in ad-blocker, proficient in eliminating in-browser and in-app advertisements.

  3. Malicious Content Filter: Proactively ward off potential threats by preventing access to harmful websites.

  4. Tracker Blocking: Safeguard your online privacy by thwarting tracking attempts from websites and various services.

  5. Automated HTTPS Redirect: Elevate your web security as CyberGhost automatically converts HTTP web pages into HTTPS, ensuring encrypted connections.

  6. Exceptions (Split Tunneling): Tailor your VPN experience by choosing specific apps and programs to exclude from VPN protection.

  7. App Protection: Enjoy seamless connectivity as CyberGhost automatically engages when you open apps added to this feature.

  8. Kill Switch: Rest easy with the default-enabled kill switch, automatically disrupting your internet connection if the VPN connection drops.

Unlock a comprehensive suite of security and privacy tools with CyberGhost, ensuring a robust shield for your online activities.


This collection includes a blend of both standard and essential features, complemented by some less mainstream options that serve as valuable bonuses. For newcomers feeling a bit overwhelmed, it’s perfectly fine to disregard the majority of these features. However, for those who relish a hands-on approach to VPNs, CyberGhost’s extensive toolkit offers an impressive array of customizable tools, enhancing the overall user experience.


CyberGhost Private Browser

In addition to its VPN services, CyberGhost introduces its own complimentary  Private Browser  powered by DuckDuckGo. This browser comes equipped with a built-in proxy extension, an effective ad and malware blocker, and the convenience of one-click deletion for browsing data. Explore the added layer of privacy and functionality with CyberGhost’s Private Browser, extending your control over your online experience.

CyberGhost Private Browser


CyberGhost Doesn’t Leak IP or DNS Data

We also tested CyberGhost’s apps for IP and DNS data leaks. We used our VPN leak test tool to confirm CyberGhost does not leak IP, WebRTC, or DNS credentials.

CyberGhost did not leak our IP or DNS addresses while connected.

CyberGhost’s IPv6 Compatibility Challenges

If your router assigns an IPv6 address, you might want to explore alternatives to CyberGhost. While some VPNs offer unconventional workarounds for IPv6, like blocking IPv6 connections entirely, CyberGhost often faces difficulties working with it.

In our observations, the CyberGhost app frequently struggles to initiate properly when connected to an IPv6 network. Moreover, it lacks Smart DNS configurations for IPv6, exacerbating the compatibility issue.

For users who can disable their IPv6 connection, this might not pose a significant hurdle. However, for those unable to do so, CyberGhost becomes impractical. Unfortunately, the lack of assistance from CyberGhost in addressing this issue leaves less tech-savvy users with a malfunctioning app and little understanding of the problem. To determine the type of IP address your device uses, you can check here.

Analysis of CyberGhost Android App Permissions

Conducting an analysis of CyberGhost’s Android app permissions using the εxodus tool, we found the presence of standard usability trackers. These trackers serve to facilitate the company in promptly addressing critical bugs and crashes. Notably, CyberGhost recently reduced the number of trackers from seven to three, marking a commendable improvement in privacy and transparency.

These trackers include:

  • AppsFlyer
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
CyberGhost has cut down on its number of trackers and permissions, but it can still do better.

These apps are standard analytics tools used by developers, and we have no issue with them being present – some of the worst VPNs contain upwards of 28.

On the flip side, ExpressVPN and Astrill contain only two and zero trackers, respectively.

Some of the Android permissions we found in CyberGhost’s Android app initially concerned us a little more, though.

It has the ability to access your location via your GPS and network information. This permission is considered ‘dangerous’ or ‘special’ according to Google’s protection levels.

But this isn’t uncommon in VPN apps, and CyberGhost clarified to us that users are asked to grant access to this information only when using the WiFi protection feature. You can refuse and the app will still work.

CyberGhost Browser Extension Securely Encrypts Traffic

We tested both the main CyberGhost app as well as its Chrome browser extension to see if it effectively encrypted our traffic.

The results were all positive: using the Wireshark packet sniffing tool we can see that CyberGhost and its browser extension both work to obfuscate all the sensitive data traveling to and from your device:

The string of nonsense characters you can see here is proof that CyberGhost is correctly encrypting web traffic.


Virus & Malware Checks

Finally, we ran the CyberGhost installer through a malware test to ensure it doesn’t contain viruses.

The software came back completely clean, as you can see from the screenshot below:

CyberGhost contains no malware.

Bypassing Web Censorship

CyberGhost doesn’t work in China

Rating 8.0/10

CyberGhost has no obfuscation technology, so it’s incapable of bypassing strict censorship in countries like China. It’s also unreliable in Iran and the UAE. But there are reports of success in Turkey and it has recently invested in Russian servers.

Ranked #16 out of 65 VPNs for Bypassing Web Censorship

CyberGhost’s Limitations in Heavily-Censored Regions

CyberGhost encounters challenges in operating within heavily-censored countries such as China. One contributing factor is its lack of VPN obfuscation technology.

VPN obfuscation is a crucial feature that disguises VPN traffic, making it indistinguishable from regular browsing to evade scrutiny from web censors. This capability proves essential in navigating internet blocks in nations where VPN usage is either restricted or deemed illegal.

While there have been sporadic user reports indicating CyberGhost’s intermittent functionality in Turkey over the past year, it’s essential to note that the performance can be inconsistent.

Additionally, in an effort to overcome restrictions, CyberGhost has introduced several servers in Russia. However, for users seeking VPN solutions specifically tailored for Russia, there are more effective options available. Explore alternatives that better align with the unique challenges posed by specific regions to ensure a seamless and reliable VPN experience.

Device & OS Compatibility

Full Suite of Apps, Plus Smart DNS & Browser Extensions

CyberGhost is available on all the most popular platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can also use it on Android TV, Linux, or manually install it on your router for home-wide protection. Useful browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox, too.

Supported on:

CyberGhost is one of the most widely-compatible VPN services available. It has custom apps for the following devices:

Here’s a quick summary of the key differences between the apps on each platform:

Kill Switch
DNS Leak Protection
Content Blocker
Split Tunneling
Use Random Port

Versatility Across Various Router Models

CyberGhost VPN seamlessly integrates with a range of router models, including Raspberry Pi, Synology NAS, and VU+ Solo 2. The CyberGhost website provides comprehensive guides for manual VPN setup on these routers, ensuring user-friendly configuration.

Compatibility extends to routers such as DD-WRT, TomatoUSB, and Merlin-Built, with CyberGhost offering reliable VPN support for enhanced security and privacy.


Flexible Access on Seven Devices per Subscription

Enjoy the convenience of installing CyberGhost VPN apps on up to seven devices simultaneously with a single subscription. Should you exceed the seven-device limit, a straightforward process allows you to manage your device list by removing one. Unlike some VPNs that limit simultaneous connections, CyberGhost’s cap pertains to the total number of installations, providing users with flexibility and control.


Seamlessly Connect Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

CyberGhost extends its compatibility to a variety of gaming consoles and streaming devices, enhancing the entertainment experience for users of:

While you can’t use CyberGhost (or any VPN) directly on the devices above, you can use its Smart DNS configurations. While these won’t encrypt your device’s traffic, they can unblock streaming services from around the world – CyberGhost has specific Smart DNS configurations for:

  • Hulu US streaming
  • Netflix UK streaming
  • Netflix US streaming
  • General Germany geolocation
  • General Japan geolocation
  • General Netherlands geolocation
  • General UK geolocation
  • General US geolocation

Browser Extensions

CyberGhost’s browser extension is available on:

While CyberGhost offers free browser extensions that effectively conceal your IP address and occasionally enable access to geo-restricted content, it’s crucial to note their limitations compared to the comprehensive features of CyberGhost’s full VPN service.

These extensions, although free, come with constraints. They operate on servers located in only four countries: Germany, Netherlands, Romania, and the United States. While this aligns with the expectations for a free add-on, it falls significantly short when compared to the capabilities of the paid applications.

It’s important to highlight a key distinction – unlike ExpressVPN, CyberGhost’s browser extensions function as proxies, not full-fledged VPNs. These extensions exclusively safeguard browser traffic, leaving other web connections on your device unprotected.

For a comprehensive understanding of the disparities between CyberGhost’s browser extensions and its full VPN applications, refer to the informative table below:

Feature Browser Extension VPN Client
Anonymous Browsing
Block Online Tracking
Hide IP
Access Geo-Restricted Sites
Block Malicious Content
Secure Wi-Fi Connection
Browser Only
Access Flash Content Securely
WebRTC Leak Protection
Kill Switch
24/7 Live Chat Support
Streaming & Downloading
Server Filter
Multiple Protocol Support
Access to 6100+ servers
8 Servers in 4 Countries
Smart Rules
Device Limit
Firefox & Chrome Only
Up to 7 Devices

Ease of Use

CyberGhost's Apps Are Easy to Use

Rating 9.5/10

One of CyberGhost’s biggest strengths is how easy to use and understand it is. Everything is simple and clearly labeled. We’ve experienced some minor bugs over the many years we’ve been testing it, but it’s generally a great experience on all platforms.

Ranked #3 out of 65 VPNs for Ease of Use

Joining the CyberGhost community is a hassle-free endeavor. The sign-up process is straightforward, offering just a few options that can be swiftly completed in a matter of minutes. Once the sign-up is completed, proceed to download the app on your chosen device and log in to commence your CyberGhost experience.

Explore our comprehensive overview below, detailing our firsthand experience testing CyberGhost across various devices and platforms:

esktop & Laptop: Windows & Mac

At a glance, CyberGhost’s Windows and macOS apps look very similar:

CyberGhost for Windows and macOS look virtually identical – it’s the advanced settings where they really differ.

CyberGhost’s desktop app offers two distinct views for user convenience: a compact view and a windowed view. The compact view streamlines options for quick server connections or disconnections. On Mac, it descends from the menu bar, while on Windows, it emerges from the taskbar.

However, first-time users might miss the full app experience if they’re unaware of the compact view. Ensure you click the arrow button to expand to the complete view.

Here’s where platform discrepancies become noticeable. In the full view, CyberGhost lists specialized servers in the left-hand menu. On Windows, servers for torrenting, streaming, gaming, plus dedicated IP and NoSpy options are visible. On Mac, gaming and NoSpy options are absent.

While Mac users can still manually connect to these servers, the lack of visibility creates a potential challenge. The absence of specific servers on Mac without cross-referencing with the Windows app can be limiting.

In the Settings menu, CyberGhost for Windows includes toggles for DNS leak prevention and a kill switch, features not present on macOS. However, testing reveals that these options are inherently enabled on Mac.

The absence of the OpenVPN option on macOS is a downside, though WireGuard serves as a suitable alternative. Mac users seeking OpenVPN must resort to external software like Tunnelblick.


Mobile Apps: Android & iOS

CyberGhost’s mobile apps boast simplicity, featuring a home screen with a prominent connect button and a server selection menu below. The user-friendly interface ensures straightforward navigation.

Advanced settings unveil distinctions between the Android and iOS platforms, providing users with customization options based on their preferences.

CyberGhost Windows (left) and iOS (right) are the most similar of all its apps. The only difference on the home screens are your hidden IP address on Android and the name of your WiFi network on iOS.

On the iOS platform, features encompass a dedicated IP, domain fronting, and a connection checker. Android users, on the other hand, benefit from additional options such as split tunneling, an ad and tracker blocker, and protection against malicious websites.

Both mobile apps empower users with the flexibility to fine-tune settings for specific networks. This ensures that the VPN adapts its behavior seamlessly, whether you’re at home, school, work, or connected to public WiFi.


CyberGhost’s Mobile Excellence

Notably, CyberGhost excels on mobile platforms, providing an intuitive and seamless user experience. The mobile apps outshine their desktop counterpart, making CyberGhost an excellent choice for those predominantly using a VPN on their smartphones.


Linux App Limitations

Regrettably, for Linux users, CyberGhost falls short in our recommendation. While its functionality is satisfactory, the drawback lies in its reliance on a command line interface (CLI) rather than a graphical user interface (GUI). 

CyberGhost for Linux looks like any other Terminal application. Its options are clearly explained, but it’s still ugly and old-fashioned.

The Linux version of CyberGhost operates solely through the Terminal, relying on command prompts for control. This method of interaction, limited to command-line interfaces (CLI), is disheartening, especially in 2023. Despite CyberGhost’s popularity, it’s dismaying to observe this approach persisting. Notably, other prominent VPNs like Private Internet Access and surfshark VPN present Linux users with fully-featured VPN experiences devoid of such compromises.

Fire TV & Android TV Apps: A Streaming Delight

Contrary to many VPNs struggling with their streaming device apps, CyberGhost stands out as a favorable choice for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast users. The user-friendly interface enhances the streaming experience on these platforms, making CyberGhost a preferred option for seamless streaming on Fire TV and Android TV.

CyberGhost looks a lot like its desktop app on Firestick, and there’s a surprising array of options hidden behind that settings cog.

The CyberGhost interface is straightforward and well-organized, featuring a dedicated ‘Streaming’ tab that conveniently categorizes servers based on the streaming services they unblock. While not infallible, this feature proves beneficial in enhancing the streaming experience.


Smart DNS for Unrestricted Streaming

Introducing Smart DNS, CyberGhost enables users to unblock specific streaming services on platforms lacking VPN support, such as gaming consoles or Roku. This innovative solution expands accessibility and ensures uninterrupted streaming experiences on various devices.

Being able to select a platform and purpose seems nice at a glance, but the DNS addresses actually remain the same regardless of what option you choose. The Netflix UK address, for example, is the same in all five tabs.

Utilizing CyberGhost’s ‘My Smart DNS’ is a straightforward process. Log into your account, take note of the required DNS server’s IP address, and input it into the DNS server field on your chosen streaming device.

The effectiveness of the service may vary – our testing reveals CyberGhost’s Smart DNS to be inconsistent. Nevertheless, the setup process is remarkably user-friendly.


Browser Extensions for Seamless Connection

CyberGhost’s browser extension offers simplicity with a connect button and a dropdown menu featuring four servers. Despite its limited functionalities, the extension serves its purpose well, making it a perfectly acceptable option for those seeking an entirely free browsing experience.

It’s not the prettiest extension out there, but CyberGhost for Chrome does the job.

Customer Support

Well-Informed 24/7 Customer Support

Rating 9.5/10

We can hardly fault CyberGhost’s customer support – it’s excellent. You can email the company with inquiries and requests for assistance or get immediate responses by using the 24/7 live chat feature. We’ve always received helpful and polite help.

Ranked #4 out of 65 VPNs for Customer Support

Here’s the availability of CyberGhost’s customer support:

Customer Support
Available in CyberGhost VPN
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Live Chat Support
Email Support via Online Form
Online Resources
Tutorial Videos

Experience exceptional customer service with CyberGhost, offering 24/7 live chat and email support alongside comprehensive online resources, ensuring resolutions to a myriad of issues.

Initiate live chat conveniently located in the bottom-right corner of the CyberGhost website. As you type in your query, relevant support posts will surface. Should you encounter persistent issues, engage with a live agent for immediate assistance.

The responsive live agents swiftly address queries, often providing solutions within seconds. Their expertise, coupled with online resources available in English, French, German, and Romanian, ensures a seamless support experience.

The Bottom Line

Is CyberGhost Worth It?

CyberGhost stands out as a reliable VPN service, offering an impressive free trial and catering to the essential needs of a typical VPN user.

With the ability to unblock US Netflix, support anonymous torrenting, and ensure robust internet security, CyberGhost boasts a substantial server network and an array of security features. The user-friendly apps contribute to a seamless experience, complemented by excellent customer support.

Considering its strengths, CyberGhost is reasonably priced, coupled with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

However, there are areas for enhancement. The VPN’s speeds exhibit inconsistency, streaming platform access can be unpredictable, and it faces challenges in functioning within high-censorship nations.

Alternatives to CyberGhost

While CyberGhost offers competitive pricing, several alternatives provide excellent options at a similar monthly cost.

Private Internet Access, priced at only $2.03 per month, allows port forwarding, excelling in torrenting tests, and functions reliably in China—a feature CyberGhost lacks.

For those seeking more reliable access to HBO Max and BBC iPlayer, NordVPN emerges as a suitable alternative, offering a balance between CyberGhost’s pricing and the higher-cost ExpressVPN.

Refer to the table below for a comprehensive comparison between CyberGhost and its main competitors, focusing on key aspects like average download speed and logging policy.

Comparison of the Best VPNs

ExpressVPN Review
NordVPN Review
PIA VPN Review
Surfshark Review
PrivateVPN Review
IPVanish Review
CyberGhost Review
atlasVPN Review
VyperVPN Review
PureVPN Review
Overall Rating
Download Speed
No. Netflix Regions
Not work
Not work
Logging Policy
No Identifying Data
No Identifying Data
No Logs
No Identifying Data
No Logs
No Logs
No Identifying Data
Some User Logs
Countries with
Cheapest Price
$6.67/mo over 15 months
$3.29/mo over 2 years
$2.03/mo over 26 months
$2.21/mo over 2 years
$2.00/mo over 3 years
$2.49/mo over 2 years
$2.03/mo over 2 years
$1.99/mo over 3 years
$5.00/mo over 12 months
$1.99/mo over 27 months
Free Trial
7 Days (Mobile Only)
7 Days (Android Only)
7 Days (Mobile Only)
7 Days (Mobile Only)
7 Days (Mobile Only)
1, 3 & 7 Days


3 Days (Mobile Only)

 7 days

Browser Extensions
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Chrome, Firefox
Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Who's It Best for?
Worldwide streamers
Security-focused users
Bargain hunters
Android users looking
to spoof GPS data
Beginners on a budget
Fire TV & Kodi streamers
Users who need the same
anonymous IP address
perfect for beginners
fast and secure VPN that
covers the basics well
good for casual users looking
for a cheap service
CyberGhost coupons

Overall Rating:


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